MAX BMW will be riding this winter to prepare for the 2016 Sandblast Rally


RallyMoto is an accessible genre of competitive stage rally for motorcycles. Most RallyMoto competition is part of a larger stage rally that includes classes for cars, which gives the entire sport a very fun european/global feel. Bikes line up next to Subaru WRX, Mitsubishi Eclipse and other high performance cars and trucks, along with some vintage vehicles and entry-level rally cars. Stage rally events typically occur over the course of 1-3 days and use a mix of open public roads for transit between stages and closed roads with no speed limits during each stage. Riders compete for the lowest overall combined time at the end of all stages.

RallyMoto happens all over the US and Canada throughout the year. Popular events that you may have heard of include Sandblast Rally (SC in March), Rally West Virginia (WV in August) and Black River Stages (NY in September).

RallyMoto does not require any previous competition experience, but you should be a capable rider who is comfortable spending a long day riding on and off-road. For the 2016 season, MAX BMW Motorcycles is putting together a training schedule to help riders prepare themselves and their bikes for the first rally of the season: The Sandblast Rally in Cheraw, SC on March 5, 2016.

Bikes: Any brand large displacement dual-sport/upright motorcycle (450 ccand up) is allowed in RallyMoto. No sport bikes are allowed.

Bike Preparation: The sport of Rally is famous for its technical regulations. These regulations are a set of minimum characteristics that the rider and bike need to have in order to compete. You are advised to read every bit of the regulations and supplemental regulations for preparing your motorcycle and for having the right gear. Note that certain regulations (such as helmet certifications) are very strictly enforced and that “close enough” is not good enough when it comes to meeting the regulations. MAX BMW has extensive experience with RallyMoto (we helped invent the category) so please contact us for assistance with preparation. You can have a lot of fun preparing your bike with auxiliary lighting, guards and protection, tires, suspension and lots of other rally-spec goodies!

Cost and Entry Fees: RallyMoto entry fees are usually around $300 per rally. NASA Rallysport membership ($45) and competition license ($65) are required. Lodging, fuel, and protective gear are additional expenses.

Inset: Sandblast Rally rider's meeting.   ///   Background: A typical stage road at Sandblast Rally.