MAX BMW will be riding this winter to prepare for the 2016 Sandblast Rally


PREPARE Yourself anD
your bike WITH US!

MAX BMW is providing organized winter riding opportunities and support for entrants in the 2016 Sandblast Rally and you can join in the fun and be ready for the rally!

Novice competitors are encouraged. The number of RallyMoto competitors in the US is small but growing. None of us had rally experience before we started and we are committed to helping advanced riders who are interested get oriented to the sport and to get prepared. That's why we have organized the following program for this winter:

Sunday Training Rides: Beginning in late November, we will hold Sunday training rides in various locations throughout the northeast. Rides will continue through the winter and include adventures on snowy trails and on frozen lakes. The winter training will help you increase/maintain your riding stamina, the winter surfaces are a good parallel for the possible road conditions at Sandblast, and you will get to know other riders who will be competing. Properly prepped bikes are a MUST and you should be an advanced rider. This is a group of riders motivating each other to get in shape for a rally. We will go out and ride hard. Times and dates of training will be e-mailed to participants. E-mail Max Stratton to get on the distribution list.

In-Store Training and Tech Sessions: Additionally, we will have in-store sessions where our technicians can help you with bike prep, we will make sure that you have all of the gear and items to comply with the safety regulations, and we will go over the basics of stage rally for those who have never competed before. 

Team Support at Sandblast: During the rally we provide support for our team members. This includes designated pit areas, assistance between stages for repairs and fuel top-offs and help/recovery (per NASA regulations) in cases of mechanical break-down. 

Cost: There is no additional cost to join TEAM MAX BMW for the Sandblast Rally and training. We are doing this for fun and believe that the more riders we have, the more fun it will be. In fact, if you are planning to do any rally prep on your bike or need new gear, you will be eligible for discounts on parts and accessories. 

Qualification/Conditions: The only conditions for joining us in this effort is that you are riding a BMW Motorcycle and have (or plan to be) entered the Sandblast Rally or any other rally in 2016. First-time rally competitors are encouraged, but you should be an advanced rider with some off-road experience. Note that the Sandblast Rally is the most popular rally of the year and there is a limit on entries, so be sure to register soon.

Questions? For more info and contact information, please see our Sign-up page.